215 (City of Swansea) Squadron's Crest

215 (City of Swansea) Squadron, Air Training Corps

The Air Training Corps Crest


The Squadron Flight Simulator is a 'state of the art' training aid, which incorporates life like controls for each Cadet to familiarize themselves with the techniques of flying.

Sgt Brannigan is the Design Manager behind this superb facility, which is housed in its own facility within the IT Room. A comprehensive Flying Program has been designed for each Cadet to follow, which incorporates a Final Flying Lesson with OC 215.

After the successful completion of the flying course, each Cadet is presented with their ' Whitten Brown Certificate'

The Cadets can also plot their Flying Lessons on the 'Map of the World' in the IT Room, which was donated to the Squadron by
Flying Officer Richard Fry RAFVR(T).



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